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Outstanding Results

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Photovaltaic panels allow the generation of electrical energy from sunlight. This new technology is one of many tools utilised to reduce the carbon usage of a building. We have utilised this sytem on many of our projects as they are very simple and low maintainence to the end user. As we move away from carbon based energy solutions their importance in the Building Services provision is ever increasing.


Solar Thermal systems are utilised for the collection of solar energy to heat water either through a series of copper pipes below a flat glassed panel or vacuum glass tubes with a low pressure fluid that evaporates and condenses to collect energy from sun light. This  is utilised to pre heat water for domestic water systems and can reduce the cost and carbon based energy  usage associated with hot water. Our engineers have designed and specified these systems to maximise the energy efficiency  within low carbon buildings

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Our engineers have experience in the design specification and installation of low carbon energy source heating systems. These include Ground Source Heat Pump for a football club and pre school in Worcestershire. We have also designed several Biomass boiler plant systems, for clients such as Bristol Zoo & Gloucestershire County Council. These not being a simple direct replacement for a gas boiler and our experience helps understand the needs of such systems.


To achive the optimun Building Services Provision for an existing or New Building. Dynamic Modeling or Building Physics as otherwise know is a tool that can be used to determine the enrgy efficency of a Building. Within the dynamic simulation calculation we create a computer model of the proposed building, and utilising historic real world Solar and Thermal record information can produce a simulation of how the building would utilise energy to maintain internal environments throughout the year. Through addaptions of the building's thermal construction, layout design and building services we can optimise the energy utilisation to detemine the most energy efficient solution.

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